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Valentine’s day has finally come! The day where you get to pursue and discover new love… a day to spend with your partner! Whatever you are doing today, it’s a great day to celebrate this lovey dovey, rose-colored atmosphere!

What are you saying Jun? There is nothing to celebrate in such a horrible day filled with misery and despair around the world. 

Edy seems to be a little misguided, but nevertheless, the two of us are going to recommend 6 different anime that are perfect to watch today!

My first recommendation is Akagami no Shirayuki Hime, or Snow White with the Red Hair. This is one of my favorite romance anime. For the most part, it’s a lighthearted story about the relationship between a commoner with unusual red hair and a prince. But there are occasional conflicts that go on that help build each of the two characters and often leads them to develop as people. Really likable cast of characters and the main character is voiced by Hayami Saori, who if you’re even slightly knowledgeable about Japanese voice actors, will be a great treat for your ears.

I think that is an absolutely horrible recommendation. If anything, 「Akagami no Shirayuki Hime」 makes me feel awful. Watching two characters be so lovey dovey while I’m at home watching anime makes me feel sick. All sorts of negative feelings — jealousy, self hatred, disappointment, anger — all brew up slowly as you watch such a sweet show like this in this horrible holiday. This is why I think the perfect valentines anime that makes you feel at that valentines mood is Pupa. ]

That’s right, Pupa is the perfect anime that matches how most people probably feel during valentines. That anger that you have is directly shown in the 5 minute episodes of Pupa as character gorge and eat out people’s guts. Pupa is definitely great at being awful gory. There are scenes just filled with disgusting moments that it’s honestly hard to bear most of the time… unless it’s a horrible day like today where I would definitely see red all over the body rather than just hair. 

Pupa?! That’s a gore, violent heavy anime! Why Pupa?! 

Well… if there’s one thing that you might enjoy Pupa for in this time of the year, it’s how short it is! And in that case, Danna ga nani o itteiru ka wakaranai ken, or I can’t understand what my husband is saying is perfect for you!

Each episode is just 3 minutes long, and they’re all great! The two are extremely likable, with a cute blonde wife and a blog writing otaku husband, which may fit the bill for many of you reading! 

Ah, these loving married couples…. Screw them. I think the root of these happy relationships that people have in「I can’t understand what my Husband is saying」should be cut at its earliest points. That’s right. The popular guys in school must be punished for creating so much despair in everyone else’s life. And here, I recommend you the most satisfying anime to fill that valentine’s spirit: School days. 

School days is a kind of like an imagination of how these harem visual novel protagonists would be in real life. Everyone knows the ending to School Days, and it’s the perfect ending to satisfy your need for vengeance.

Vengeance is definitely a bad idea, but maybe you’re interested in some more ‘out there’ things! In that case, Mikakunin de Shinkoukei, or Engaged to the Unidentified has lots of supernatural elements that may interest you! It’s about the main character, Kobeni, who finds out that she’s engaged to a mysterious person called Hakuya! It’s really cute and wholesome and perfect for the valentines spirit!

I guess the more and more you try to run away from the so-called festivities of valentines, there are always couples having the times of their lives around you. It really makes you want to suicide. And while suicide is hard to do in real life, there is one show where you can relate your suicidial mood during valentines: Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. 

The main character, a teacher in a highschool, is always looking for ways to creatively kill himself to put himself out of miseries. No doubt, this is the most relatable show in a tough time like this, and maybe his hilarious suicide attempts will make you laugh to forget about valentines. 

We hope you enjoyed our post and got to take away at least 1 anime to watch today! If you have any recommendations for others, then leave a comment!

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