A (Late) Review of Goblin Slayer: Is it worth watching?

Edy posted yesterday about the lack of negative reviews on wordpress, so here’s one I wrote many months ago!

Convoluted Situation

Goblin Slayer was one of the most popular shows last fall in 2018, with lots of conversation rising from its opening episode that was taken quite controversially within some communities. Read my take on the show to help you figure out if this show is worth your time or not.

Note: This review was written quite a while ago during the time that this show aired, and was originally written to fit to the traditional MAL review format. This is only a review of the first episode, I didn’t go beyond that point(and have no intention in doing so).

Story: 1

Goblin Slayer is a shitty edgelord anime that is nothing special, except this one is ‘brave’ enough to include a rape scene right at the first episode. Now personally, I don’t have anything against rape fetishes, monster fetishes, and nothing against shows that choose include those, but the…

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