Summary by Edy: Headmaster loses to the blond since he wants to look at her breasts. They beat the blonde. Some school destroyed. They get trapped in school. Guy’s cousin was evil. New Grimoire best girl. Guy becomes demon lord and loses power. Cousin comes to kill him. Some of trinity seven come to help. Cousin goes to school. Ninja fights some random sword girl on Cousin’s side. Headmaster does nothing. Ninja lose. Blonde goes to Blonde report’s body. Everyone comes back. They win anticlimactically. Lilith and the guy go on a date.

*Summary may not be in order because I don’t remember very well. 

Summary by Jun: some boring shit happened and then a nice date at the end.

I really hope that no one who genuinely likes Trinity Seven reads our posts, since after jokingly stating that we would cover episodes 7 to 12 last post, we actually finished the show in one go.

Actually when I put it like that, it sounds like Edy and I actually  really enjoyed the show. But I’d say it was closer to trying to get it over with. Anyways, it’s over! A lot of shit happened but it was generally pretty shit and I’d like to get it behind me, so maybe Edy can talk about it so I’ll leave that stuff to him or the void. 

To sum up my opinions on the show, I thought it was pretty bad. The first 5ish episodes were fun with the light slice of life episode stuff but once it got to the action, it was just boring. Every scene felt so clumsy done, nothing really connected and made sense, the animation looked pretty awful. But I will say, watching this together with someone laughing about it was probably what made it good enough to finish.

Yep yep, would’ve dropped this show ages ago if it weren’t for the meme and you.

Few parts I still have questions about to wrap it up. First, the headmaster. He acted like he was like the strongest guys in the whole show, which he probably is or something, but he never does anything. He always complains “oh I have to pay for damage” and then ends up just watching his school’s window get destroyed every time. In that ending scene, he was with that curly pink hair girl but he suddenly disappeared without even resisting what is the “ultimate weapon” against the guy.

I think Lilith said before something about it being on purpose? I don’t really know, if you’re curious you can read the manga Edy! 🙂

Second, the show gave a lot of hints to things that weren’t revealed. For example was why the blue hair girl looks so much like the cousin. They made it seem like some important plot point at the start since they focused on how they looked alike and stuff but they didn’t even mention it at all after episode 3. I’m sure it’s important later in the manga, but they should have at least touched upon it. The guy also gets two grimoires but the second one isn’t even shown in the transformation scene at the end (probably because they reused all the transformation scenes) Any other issues you had?

Nope. No issues at all, this show is really really good. (super serious face)

One thing that happened was that the grimoire girl actually turned into a loli, like she was in episode 1! She says herself that she thought that Arata would enjoy being like that more, so I’m not exactly sure why she wasn’t like that in the first place…. Wouldn’t she be more marketable that way too? I’m speaking in both terms of the plot and the creator’s perspective. Well, who gives a shit. Anyway, she was pretty cute and I was thinking maybe she’s best girl since she’s voiced by Kugimiya Rie and all and she doesn’t end her sentences with っス like a fucking idiot, but then an even cuter grimorie girl came out. She didn’t talk much too, so in conclusion of all the waifu discussions I’ve begun with Edy in the last Trinity Seven posts, I have come to believe that the best girl is…..

That grimoire girl who’s name I can’t remember!!!!!(I’ll have a photo on the top so it’ll be okay.)

It’s pretty hilarious since as soon as the grimoire girl spoke like one like Jun immediately started to decrease the likability for her. But I kind of agree since the writing in this show is so bad. Most of the lines are pretty hard to bear. So the less they talk, the more cute they seem.

What else is there to say….

Oh right, the last episode. It was pretty funny, the flow/obvious prediction after things were getting ‘hyped up(if you could use such words to describe a show like Trinity Seven)’ was that the fight wouldn’t end so soon, but then…. It just… ended.

Which all things considered, was not just funny due to how anticlimactic it was, but made my like the show more since I didn’t have to bear with the stupid ass actions scenes that this show loved giving us. 

Yeah. I distinctly remember saying “ah there’s still 10 minutes left in the show, she’s gonna absorb it or something.” But nope, it actually just ended in that blow.

Instead, the last 10 minutes of the show is basically a date between Arata and Lilith.

Now, before I go on I will say that it was relatively clear that Lilith was supposed to be one of the show’s strongest pushes as the waifu character. That being said, throughout the entire show I felt that the creators pushed the other characters more as they had much more highlights and were the center of attention in each arc. Like Levi got her own action scenes especially in the end, and Yui got a lot of attention with a bunch of arcs that I can’t be fucked to recite.

Anyway anyway, Lilith on the other hand, basically was never the center of attention for anything. She was always THERE, I guess, doing her stupid tsukkomis that the other characters would occasionally point out that she was so good at, but… that was basically it. We never saw her even fight, we never saw her like motivations or whatever, she basically just got shy occasionally and pissy at Arata for groping other girls and stuff.

And yet, they chose Lilith to be the center of attention for the final date in the last 10 episodes of Trinity Seven. .


Well, I guess that’s fine. It was pretty nice. Not incredible. To put it in perspective it, the show itself with all the stupid memes aside is probably something along the lines of a weak to solid 3/10. The 10 minute date on the other hand is probably like a 5, maybe a 6, especially on the back of the creators of Trinity Seven cutting the dumbass action scenes short(I mean that as a positive). So the scene itself isn’t that great, but in comparison to the rest of the show it was a pretty nice conclusion. 

I definitely agree. The show itself, without any of the memes, isn’t like a show that I would finish to the end. Hence why I didn’t on my first watch. But regardless, I enjoyed writing about it and going through everything making fun of the show.

Wow. I mean it is a conclusion post so I guess it’s natural to write a decent amount, but I ended up writing a lot more than I intended or expected to. Though the majority of it ended up being about the last episode….

What else, what else….


I guess

There isn’t anything?

I talked about waifus… that’s like everything there is to talk about…

Oh yeah, there is a movie. Two actually, I recently found out. They’re not even like summary movies. They’re actual sequels! Hurrah! For the record, we are not going to make a post about them.

Thanks for sticking along this shit show journey!

2 thoughts on “Trinity Seventh Heaven Episode 7~12: End of Hell

  1. This show looks like the most run-of-the-mill harem shit that nobody remembered the next season, and I can’t believe you watched it all (didn’t really follow what was going on with the plot but these posts were fun to read!). I might actually give it a shot whenever I feel like I hate myself

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    1. Thats a pretty good definition of the show, haha. Glad you enjoyed our posts! I think I wouldnt have been able to finish it if I was watching it alone, but if you ever decide to challenge yourself to finish Trinity Seven, I salute to you.

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