Last year, aired a show called Babylon, and for 8 episodes, it was an exciting, mystery-thriller that kept you on the edge of your chair each episode, with interesting story, likable characters, and a new twist every episode. And for the majority of these twists, the character that made it possible and kept the show so exciting was Magase Ai.

One of the best things about Magase, especially in the very early parts of the series, is that we have absolutely no idea behind how she is doing things. There are various events in which you can at least make guesses as to how events have occured, but with the suicide happenings with Magase, it’s a complete mystery. She’s the character who clearly feels out of place, but in a good way, adding another layer of mystery to the show. 

In episode 3, when the show reveals that the suicides in the show so far have been deeply involved with Magase, the animation is super high frame quality, and with the great combination of montages of hints in the show so far, it makes for an extremely hype moment, and most likely one of the most exciting moments in the entire series. 

Although I did find myself a little disappointed when the show revealed that Magase basically just had superpowers, she still continued being an excellent antagonist through the rest of the series(and by that, I mean up to episode 8. We do not talk about the rest of the series in this neighborhood…) Not only that, but the show properly acknowledged how insane and overpowered her power was, through her uncle’s monologue concerning Magase. 

There’s plenty more things that I could say about Magase, but I’ll end it with how damn crazy she is. Magase is absolutely terrifying and insane, and we get a front seat view of that in episode 8. For practically no reason but to fuck with Seizaki, she cuts off all the limbs of one of his respected coworkers, while Seizaki screams in the background. That scene was definitely one of the most unexpected and shocking scenes of the show, and although the dialogue she says about “what is good?” is practically meaningless and insignificant, it gives atmosphere to the absolute insanity that we are witnessing. That scene is probably one of the most heart clenching moments of last year, just because you go “AAaaaaAAahhhh” when watching it. It’s painful, horrible, and so much fun. 

5 thoughts on “What makes Magase Ai so Good

  1. I too loved Magase! The pure enigma of her errie existence is enough to make me have goosies! As an antagonist, she did a great job bringing the tension and wrapping her audience into an emotionally smothering shackle. If I had to list one flaw about her tho, it would be the fact that her manipulation and insanity stopped at supervillain power. I really hoped the depiction of her ‘supernatural’ abilities was more a psychological exaggeration from the characters’ perspectives than a Evil McBad super power. Oh well. We can’t have it all.


  2. I too agree with your thoughts on Magase! The enigma of her eerie existence was enough to give me major goosies. As an antagonist, Magase did a marvelous job bringing the tension and emotionally chaining me up for a medieval torture. If I did have to say one flaw for the sake of it, I was bummed that Magase’s manipulative abilities and insanity stopped at supernatural. I was hoping the depiction of her abilities would take a more interweaving psychological stance rather than the tossed upon, straight superpower stance.


    1. oh my gosh, I am so sorry. I completely forgot I commented on this post earlier. Sometimes my memory blanks out on me; my deepest apologies, truly. Here’s another apology for also flooding your notifs…


    2. I definitely agree, I was looking forward to the explanation the show would give for Magase’s controlling of other people, but ended up being disappointed when it was just a superpower.

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