I have been pretty much gone for the last month on this blog. But unlike previous times, I have a reason. 

I have been reading isekai manga lately. By that I mean a lot. 

It all started when I read Mushoku Tensei for me to write a comparative essay on it with the show. But while reading, I basically started to notice how similar it was to basically any other isekai shows I’ve seen. I started going back to isekais I’ve dropped before then started noticing literally the same events happening in like the same chapters. That led to a spiral of me picking up as many isekai manga as possible. It drove me pretty insane but I actually ended up enjoying it from time to time.

Essentially, I’ve ascended past all of this insanity and achieved enlightenment. Anyways, while this only started so I can review one manga, I’m actually going to review every single one of them. 

First of this bunch I will be starting off with is my favorite manga of the isekais I’ve read. But here, I won’t tell you which one it is. Throughout the post, I hope those of you who read this can guess which show it is.

Because we can’t name the manga or call this show unknown manga the whole time, for convenience sake, I’ll call this manga “In another world where my main character gets stronger to eventually become very famous” or IAWWMMCGSTEBVF for short. 

IAWWMMCGSTEBVF starts off by introducing our character — let’s call him Sato. He goes to school in real world Japan, a highschool that is considered normal. Otaku-like, dense, relatively selfish, pretty good at talking, and so on. But we see that he doesn’t have too many friends in the school that he goes to and might even be considered to be bullied. 

Here, IAWWMMCGSTEBVF creates a very average character. Of course, this is to get the target audience to find the guy as relatable as possible. While I’m not too impressed by this, it sells well so there’s not much choice with this. 

But more importantly, IAWWMMCGSTEBVF creates empthy by having the character feel bullied. By doing this, his eventual strength that follows in the isekai world feels more fulfilling. At the same time, we don’t feel bad about him leaving his family or friends because all of them acted pretty horribly towards him. 

One day, a truck hits him and he wakes up looking at an unfamiliar ceiling. Next to him is a girl that helped him. Apparently he was found sleeping on the streets or something. He wakes up, looks around and sees a world completely different from Japan — a medieval, nature filled world with magic. Lucky for Sato, he can understand the language despite the fact that they are speaking something other than Japan! This is done so that the author can clearly distinguish between the Isekai world and the original world that Sato lived in. After all, for there to be monsters and stuff, it’s going to be hard if there are modern guns and buildings for protection.

He thanks the girl and moves to the town. He thinks for a bit and realizes that this world is very game-like. One word pops into his mind; so he yells: “Status!” While most of the stats seem nothing too weird, Sato sees a message on the bottom of his status screen that indicates increased exp from battles. This allows our character to catch up with others despite his lack of experience in this world. From here, to establish himself as a citizen of this world and to earn some money, he visits the adventurer’s guild. 

From here on out, Sato gets a sword that’s very much like the Japanese sword. Meets a female warrior who is traveling to the same location with him. On the way, they fight together and the girl decides to join the party. They continue to get requests. While they become really popular as some strong warriors, they meet a few more female characters who quickly fall in love with the main character. Now they are doing some mission for some high up in the adventurer’s guild. 

Well that’s where the manga is right now. With chapter 153 coming out next week, I can’t wait to see what Sato does after this. If you are interested in this, the manga is called…

It doesn’t exist. Well it does, just in the form of every other isekai manga.

I thought it might be hilarious to just review every single isekai manga I read as if they were one manga. Because essentially, they are the exact, identical thing. I did say I was going to review every isekai I’ve read and I think I’ve more or less done so here. There were definitely ones that went out of this format in an insane manner like the spider or slime reincarnation but most of them didn’t stray too far off the format. 

Anyways, I’ve consumed all the isekai I could; I’m at my limit. This was a fun, short joke post to round it out. I’ll go back to posting stuff normally from tomorrow. 

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