Youjo Senki is Incredibly Fascinating!

For anyone who is even slightly intrigued by the historic military tales like that of the World Wars, Youjo Senki is truly captivating. In this post, I’ll be going through Youjo Senki, the book, the manga, and the anime, to explain what makes Youjo Senki so interesting for the viewers and the appeal of each… Continue reading Youjo Senki is Incredibly Fascinating!

Higashino Keigo’s Malice: The Greatest Japanese Novel

Before any spoilers. This book is really fucking good. So many twists and turns, genius writing tactic and style, incredible characters. Please go read it. It is an absolute masterpiece. I’ll say before I talk about the book that I’m not a very avid reader-- unless you include manga, this is probably the first novel… Continue reading Higashino Keigo’s Malice: The Greatest Japanese Novel