100 is quite the number huh? I want to say thank you to everyone that follows and reads the blog. Although Jun and I didn’t start this blog looking for followers but rather to find a place and community to talk extensively about the medium we love, it’s always super gratifying to see when you find other people love the content you put out. 

With that, I want to move to some thought I had about future plans. I haven’t done these types of discussion posts before so I apologize in advance if I start rambling quite a bit in the middle. 

I’ve been writing on this site for like two or so years now and the type of content that I’m writing about took quite a bit of shift. At the start, I was putting on shorter posts with snippets of what I enjoyed in an episode or a series. Later, around 6 or so months later, that shifted to a broader discussion of ideas. This was mainly because I had kind of an anime burnout and I didn’t watch enough shows to be talking about them. 

Then recently, my writing shifted quite drastically to visual analysis. This is something I enjoy a lot more than any of the stuff I did previously. As a person just so fascinated about the film, photos, industry, etc, I get a lot more engaged in writing these posts. But there’s a huge problem with this: it just takes so long to get one post out. 

If you see my post history, you will see that I have not been posting for like 2 weeks now. A part of it is me being lazy, but the biggest part of it how long it’s taking me to finish my next post. I’m currently wrapping up a post about Yamada Naoko’s Liz and the Blue Bird and it took me around 3 weeks or so to do. The thing is though, the actual writing process isn’t too bad and the post itself isn’t even that long. But the part that ate up all my time is the watching process.

I don’t know how other bloggers on WordPress do it but I have such a hard time watching the shows to review. When I’m looking for different visual techniques, I’m kind of forced to go back and rewatch different scenes over and over again. This is fun when I’m taking notes on them for the first two or three times but if it goes anything beyond that it becomes too boring. There’s also the fact that I have to watch like three other shows to properly comment on different techniques, especially when I’m talking about a director or a studio. 

Don’t get me wrong; this whole process is really fun to do overall. I’m just frustrated since I want to be posting as frequently as possible. I guess it kind of circles back to me being lazy but the point is these posts take too long and it’s kind of a problem. So I’ve been thinking of a couple of ways I can post more. 

First, I’m thinking of trying to do episodic reviews of shows that come out next season. I see a lot of people do episodic reviews and I have a fun time reading them. I think it might be nice to watch these shows along with other people. 

There also seem to be some shows that look interesting. To Your Eternity looks pretty interesting, 300 slime’s manga was alright, and there’s a new Shinbou Shaft show which always peaks my intrigue (but then again, it’s called Pretty Boy Detective Club?). So I may choose a couple of these shows from this season to go over. Hopefully, with these, I have enough to talk about each episode to make it more interesting rather than a mere summary.

The other plan is to do reviews of single scenes that I find interesting. This naturally solves the issue of posts taking too long because I don’t have to go back and watch the whole movie over and over again. It also still has the visual analysis aspect that I love. The problem with this is that I don’t know how interested people would be when I’m going over a single scene without much context and that the posts would be pretty short in comparison. 

The final thing I have in mind is to do more discussion posts with Jun. The shows we chose for this are usually just really stupid shows like Trinity Seven we watched almost as a joke. These are pretty quick and fun to do but I’m not too sure how other people feel when reading these since they are mostly just run-throughs of episodes with really vague opinions of them. 

On a side note, I ended up watching Keijo with him to do a big post making fun of it at the end when we finished. But unlike what both of us expected, Keijo was the funniest thing I have watched and now probably one of the best anime I’ve watched. So I’ll probably make a separate post praising the show as a masterpiece pretty soon. 

Anyways, these are some of the ideas I have to increase the frequency of posts being uploaded here in the future. I’ll probably try each of them for a couple of upcoming months and see how well they do. For now, there will be a post about Liz and the Blue Bird as I mentioned upcoming as well as a Girlish Number review coming up. 

With that, if you will excuse me, I have quite a bit of blog posts I missed out on while being away from WordPress for two weeks that I need to get reading on. Again, thanks to everyone that reads the blog, and I hope to keep having a great time writing on this site!

Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “100 followers + Plans for Future

  1. Congratulations on 100! Definitely well-deserved.

    I’m suffering from a bit of a similar problem. I’ll talk about it in more detail at some milestone, but I still have very little clue what I’m doing. I’m kind of just figuring out what to post as I go. I originally started with once a week, but now I’m up to one post every like four days or so, which I’m pretty happy with. But it comes at a price. I never put out anything I’m not happy with, but I also don’t have the time to focus on bigger things I would like to make. I just need to manage life (which is getting increasingly busy) a bit better to make time. I would just say, make what you like. I’m a firm believer that people will be able to sense if you didn’t enjoy making something, so that should come first. That and I think consistency is probably the most important aspect of pretty much anything. So as long as you’re making something you and others enjoy, I think it’s fine if it takes longer. And whatever you choose to write about will always have your style in it in the end.

    Of course, you would want to post things more frequently. That’s one reason I’ve also thought of doing episode review-type things. I think they make good
    in-between posts and would be a lot of fun. I think they can be pretty enjoyable and are a nice way to interact with the community. I don’t think I’ll do it this season quite yet, I’ll settle for making a few posts on topics from certain series, but I look forward to it if you do. And I look forward to reading more of everything in the future!

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    1. Thanks so much! I agree that what we write should be something we enjoy doing. Just, I hope I can be writing something I enjoy more frequently. Hopefully I can make more time like you said.

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