Edy posted yesterday about the lack of negative reviews on wordpress, so here’s one I wrote many months ago!

Convoluted Situation

Goblin Slayer was one of the most popular shows last fall in 2018, with lots of conversation rising from its opening episode that was taken quite controversially within some communities. Read my take on the show to help you figure out if this show is worth your time or not.

Note: This review was written quite a while ago during the time that this show aired, and was originally written to fit to the traditional MAL review format. This is only a review of the first episode, I didn’t go beyond that point(and have no intention in doing so).

Story: 1

Goblin Slayer is a shitty edgelord anime that is nothing special, except this one is ‘brave’ enough to include a rape scene right at the first episode. Now personally, I don’t have anything against rape fetishes, monster fetishes, and nothing against shows that choose include those, but the…

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7 thoughts on “A (Late) Review of Goblin Slayer: Is it worth watching?

  1. I have this part of me that hates dropping things unless they physically repulse me to watch, which Goblin Slayer never quite got me to there. Still, there were many times I did think about it. It is overly edgy, as you said, and that never really calms down. If anything, it just gets worse. I questioned why they had to show a few things they did, and I think one part, in particular, is worse than what happens in the first episode. I think it may happen twice, now that I’m thinking about it. All I really remember liking is that it at least tried to be a little different, and I thought the whole Dungeons & Dragons-style thing was cool, with none of the characters having actual names. Besides that, it ranged from being bad to somewhat ok occasionally.

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    1. I see, I think that’s an interesting perspective on Goblin Slayer! Personally I think that people don’t drop shows enough, as strange as that may sound. To me, if I’m not enjoying a show, then I know that there are tens of hundreds of shows that have the potential to be better. Of course a show like Goblin Slayer *could* get better later on, but the chance of that happening compared to another show that actually has a good first episode is too low for me.

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      1. I agree entirely, actually. I could stand to drop more. The main reason I don’t is that I’m stubborn, and also I love the feeling of finding some hidden gem. It’s the reason I watch weird things I’ve never heard talked about often. There’s a chance I may find some great series that I’ve never heard discussed, and I feel like I can’t do that unless I watch something to completion. That depends on length, though. Of course, Goblin slayer wasn’t very long. If it was multiple seasons, I would probably have never gone through with it.

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      2. I see…. though if you like hidden gems, wouldn’t you be able to find more if you dropped shows more easily? I’m sort of a firm believer that if a show does not do its beginning well then it’s not going to be good the rest of the way. And I’m sure there’s lots of shows with good beginnings(and are good the rest of the way) that many people have yet to discover

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      3. Yes, that’s probably true. But If something is terrible, I can still get some enjoyment out of it being bad, whether that’s by appreciating things that are better, or just laughing at how bad it is. It’s only the shows that are genuinely boring in every regard that makes me drop them. It’s why I drop slice of life stuff more often than other genres.

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