Hidamari sketch journal is a watch along where the two of us watch the Hidamari Sketch series in chronological order on the actual dates that the episodes are supposed to be on. Today’s episode was on February 10th, so we’re watching it today, on Feburary 10th!

Feel free to join us in this watch along by following the spreadsheet attached and read our post afterwards! 

Left: Jun
Right: Edy

February 10

Season 2 OVA: Episode 2a

Summary: Yuno’s and the others get a bike and take turns using it. They go to the river bed together to help Yuno practice using the bike. When they get back, Todo from the broadcasting club comes to interview the people in Hidamari. After their weirdness is reconfirmed, Sae goes out to get snacks where she meets Natsume and chases a student who took the entrance exam that dropped something.

Since you missed last episode, I’m sure you’re dying to talk about Hidamari Sketch! So I’ll try my best to not get in your way and say as little as possible in this post.

This was a pretty fun episode with a lot of good moments with the characters. There were quite a few moments that attacked Hiro’s weight like when the wheels of the bicycle became flat immediately after she sat on the bike or when Miyako was surprised there were no snacks in her house. 

Yuno had a lot of nice moments with Hiro when she was getting back to practicing the bicycle. Pretty funny watching them talk about the bicycle learning cliche where the person teaching lets go of the bicycle after holding the bike for a while. Of course, Miyako had her crazy athletic comedic moments when she perfectly sled down the hill with the bike and when she said she was going to use the bike to get home which is a long distance away. 

Yeah. This is also very close to probably when we’ll start seeing the new characters Nori and Nazuna, but apart from the opening and ending scene, it’s very far from the attention of this episode. I think that’s pretty nice since new characters entering the cast soon is probably something that feels more significant to the audience than the characters. After all, the cast aren’t going to spend all day thinking about the new students.

We did see a little bit of that focus on the new students with Hiro and Sae during Miyako and Yuno’s entrance exam since that was more from the perspective of Yuno, but it is definitely nice seeing them not really dedicate the episode on the new students taking the test, especially when we already saw the whole entrance exam process episodes prior.

Also it’s really great because I get to enjoy more of the best part of the show, with just the main 4….

There were a lot of great moments this episode,

Such as the conversation between Yoshinoya sensei and Miya and Yuno,

Or the conversation between Yoshinoya sensei and the principal.

You may notice that there is one common factor between these two moments. Yes, of course! It is that both scenes use yellow as the main color.

No, it’s the feature of best girl Yoshinoya-sensei!

Truly incredible.

I love how Yuno and Miyako didn’t even comment on the school uniform that Yoshinoya-sensei was wearing, since after being in her class for a year, they are used to her being weird with her customs.

Yeah that was really funny. They’re used to the amazingness of Yoshinoya sensei.

Yeah, other than that, with this episode being an OVA, the structure was classic Hidamari Sketch with a lot of its signature aesthetic moments like the inverted colors, the polka dots, or just every shaft like thing that makes up Hidamari Sketch. Just a fun solid episode all around.

Thanks for reading! The next episode is on February 11th, which is tomorrow!

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