Hidamari sketch journal is a watch along where the two of us watch the Hidamari Sketch series in chronological order on the actual dates that the episodes are supposed to be on. Today’s episode was on Jan 31th, so we’re watching it today, on Jan 31th!


Feel free to join us in this watch along by following the spreadsheet above and read our post afterwards! 

Left: Jun

February 6th

Season 2 Episode 2

Summary: The results for Chika’s entrance exam to the school Yuno and her friends go to is coming out, and everyone is nervous. Chika gets in, and Yuno and others celebrate with a nabe. There’s also some side story with Valentines mostly related to best girl and the principal.

Edy’s not here today, so it’ll just be me. 

I think it’s been a while since the date has been an entire episode instead of just one half of an episode. This episode was pretty good, as said in the summary, it’s mostly about Yuno and others wondering about Chika’s acceptance and celebrating later on. But as always, there’s lots of side conversations and dialogue which is practically unrelated to that. 

A good example is the cooking scene where Yuno’s words are misunderstood by both Sae and Mia, who are both inexperienced. Yuno tells Mia to cut with a ‘cat’s hand’ to protect her fingers, but Mia ends up making a cat’s hand in midair. 

Meanwhile, Sae doesn’t know what to do with the noodles, and ends up literally tying knots. 

Both were quite funny and charming scenes and added to the overall home-y atmosphere that Hidamari Sketch is so good at capturing.

Being the second episode of the second season, the episode also acts as sort of a ‘looking back’ especially on the first things that happened in season 1, like the drawings of rabbits that Hiro, Mia, and Yuno did.

They all represent each character’s personality pretty well, Mia being crazy, Hiro being mature, and Yuno being cute and childish(of course this is like really surface level but I’m not really into that kind of stuff, I’m sure Edy would write about that but he’s not here today).

And of course, being as this episode features Chika as a main part of the ‘plot,’ we have the usual Sae-tsundere scenes. 

As someone who doesn’t actually have siblings, maybe this is out of my place to say, but the relationship between Sae and Chika always feels pretty real. I really like the dynamic between them and their interactions are always enjoyable to watch. 

And I think the rest of the main cast can agree, from the way they just silently smile, watching Sae talk to Chika on the phone. 

Last but not least, we have best girl in this episode!


As usual she’s talking about some dumb shit related to romance, which is the upcoming valentine’s day! It was pretty funny, I was recently chatting with Edward about valentine’s (events in game, of course… )

And so when I saw that Yoshinoya-sensei was talking about Valentine’s, I thought, “Holy shit what a coincidence!” Only to remember that I’m watching these episodes on the date that they are supposed to be in the story…

The interactions between Yoshinoya-sensei and the principal are as always a lot of fun, I especially like the scenes where they are obviously showing affection for each other. It’s a cute sort of father-daughter relationship and honestly, Yoshinoya-sensei is just too cute. Best girl!

That’s about it for this episode. Was it a little short? I’m not too sure, but there’s no way in hell that I’m talking about “shaft’s unique visuals” for the 50th time. 

See you on the next Hidamari post at February 10th! Hopefully Edy will be here next time.

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