Hidamari sketch journal is a watch along where the two of us watch the Hidamari Sketch series in chronological order on the actual dates that the episodes are supposed to be on. Today’s episode was on Jan 31th, so we’re watching it today, on Jan 31th!

Feel free to join us in this watch along by following the spreadsheet and read our post afterwards! 

Left: Jun
Right: Edy

January 31st

Season 3: Episode 5 Part B

Summary: Yuno Loses her phone and finds out that the person who has her phone was Arisawa, a third year who was at school at that moment. In the episode, she goes to the school and talks to Arisawa about what she wants to do in the future.

It’s been a while since the last Hidamari watch along, and boy am I glad to be back! It was a short episode, but it was really good! The last episode we watched was from season 1, so we got to once again experience the gap in visual quality. I think this is the first time that we’re introduced to Arisawa, and I remember getting a pretty nice impression of her from this episode.

She mostly teases Yuno and mentions being in Yoshinoya-sensei(best girl)’s class for a joke, but she also shows a little gap moe by being embarrassed at the end when Yuno compliments her.

I also think that this frame in general is just really cute.

There was a scene in the episode where Arisawa talks about her experience in the open campus for Yamabuki. She admired how even though they were only two three years apart “their materials and techniques were completely different” which made her think “I want to go here. I want to nurture my talent here.” 

Both Jun and I immediately thought about how we wanted to feel like this. Because, in reality, most people are like Yuno in highschool; lost without a specific goal in mind. But from conversations like this that she has with Arisawa, she slowly begins to decide what she wants to do in her future — the key development of Yuno throughout Hidamari Sketch. 

I think you’re overplaying the first part a bit, but yeah I agree. Another thing about the flashback scene that I liked was that it didn’t do the usual thing in anime where they add some weird tone to indicate it’s a flashback. Instead they just have some black bars so that we as the viewers will know clearly when the flashback begins and ends, but there isn’t a sudden color palette shift since this is just a short scene. It’s nothing too important or significant, but it was nice.

I really love the pop art aesthetic throughout the show. The sudden shift in the entire hue with high contrast gives a lot of dramatic flares to reactions that would have seemed otherwise boring or dragged out. I think it’s generally something that Shaft does with their style since Monogatari as well, seems to have these pop art-like elements. They definitely are masters at making normal or extended conversations seem so interesting just with unique visual presentation.

Oh shit, I forgot to talk about the most important thing in this entire episode!

Best girl Yoshinoya-sensei had an, although quick, appearance in this episode!

Yeah that scene was pretty hilarious since it joked about how Yoshinoya-sensei tries to strip to model in her classes.

Hurray Hidamari Sketch!


That’s about it for this episode. Stay tuned for February 9th’s post!

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