So we watched the first episode of Urasekai Picnic, and to my surprise, it was actually pretty good! There were some clear parts with CG that were definitely hard to look past which we’ll talk about later, but I think the plot and world building that we got to see in this episode got me quite interested.

The general atmosphere/mood in the other world is quite nice, the colors are generally more desaturated and there’s a pretty thick fog in most of the scenes. In the more action-oriented ones, we see more darker colors, such as the monster and the delusions(?) that it gives you. 

There were also some really cool uses of music! I don’t think that the BGM is anything to write home about but it helped build the atmosphere, like the elevator montage was pretty cool and exciting to watch. Helped create some tension for the upcoming action sequence.

We’ve only seen one monster so far(apart from the ones in the elevator), but the color scheme on it was really good! There’s this distorted effect that it has and Edy and I talked about how it looked pretty cool. The shot above where the monster looks like it’s overshadowing the two was pretty neat as well. 

This part is probably my favorite from the episode along with the elevator scene. I don’t really think they properly explained why Sorao talks to herself like this, but it was cool either way. I feel like a lot of the seasonal anime that I’ve been watching recently has trouble getting to an actually exciting badass atmosphere in ‘action’(if you could call it that) scenes, but Urasekai Picnic did that quite well. 

The scene where the weird blue shit grows on Sorao’s face was so disgusting and creepy and was a lot of fun. 

The visuals definitely were both my favorite part about the show and my least favorite part about the show. As mentioned previously, the mood was really well set by the color scheme, cool animations with the monster, and interesting setting design. It was great to see that important scenes that probably had key animations done beforehand (ones with either a lot of movement or pivotal to the episode’s plot) definitely had good if not great animation. Some of my favorite moments in the episode came from scenes like Sorao lifting up Toriko as she fell, catching her balance; the explosion of colors that came with the snake; Toriko throwing the rock to the monster; and the two of them running back to the building to return home after they defeat the monster. These scenes were so enjoyable exactly because of the way they established their unique atmospheres through the unique colors.

With that being said, you can easily see that the staff of this show ran out of time. 

A lot of the transition scenes, especially ones that are filler such as walking during exposition, were done almost always with CGI. 

And it was absolutely awful. 

The CG wasn’t just CG, it was horrible, disgusting, messed up CG.

The character models were done so poorly that near the end I was just laughing out loud how wide apart Toriko’s eye’s were or how it looked so long for them to turn around to get to the ladder.

I think a part of it was how pretty the other parts of the show was. It just made us so disappointed about how good this show would have looked without this tint of error that shows up every five minutes or so. 

Though I do really appreciate the fact that every time they used CG they zoomed out to make it as least noticeable as possible. 

I really hope that eventually they fix this in the blu ray version because as previously mentioned some visuals in the show looked really cool and interesting with the other world and cute with the character interactions. 

All that being said, I had fun with this episode ^^ and I’m looking forward to the next!

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