Ep 5: Best start. Yui best girl. Someone broke the windows!! Twin of blonde becomes demon lord!?!?
Ep 6: Passionate Kiss and headteacher something something battle

*Two episodes were combined since we didn’t really have much to talk about and we didn’t feel the worth blogging them separately


Lots of things have happened in the last two episodes and it definitely feels less slice of life than the previous ones.

Yet, maybe it’s because they just stand out more, it feels like there are more groping/ecchi scenes than ever before.

We also got more variety of fanservice other than just naked bodies and groping scenes with a kiss scene between the bad girl and MC

I think my favorite part about the ecchi scenes was how the characters all had their hands up to censor their nipples while they were completely naked on the battlefield in like the most serious situation.

Yeah, for Lilith it makes sense but it’s really uncharacteristic for others like the blue hair and white hair

Other than that, that battle scene with the demon girl had so many questionable writing choices. The ninja girl teleporting suddenly after being beaten by the blonde girl like 4 minutes ago, the guy just standing around, almost trying to get kissed by the girl, or the short blonde standing around at the start until she had enough power to stop the attack with no explanation just to name a few.

Yeah. The ‘training’ that Arata goes through is also pretty lazy, the short blonde even says herself that “since there is no time we will just get your latent powers out” and we see that the guy has some new dragon power in the next episode preview.

Also this connects with what we talked about a bit in the last post, but again we see mentions of Arata being told to use magic and perhaps he is using magic(?) during the training he does with tall black hair. It feels really sudden and I feel like it would’ve been better if they actually introduced more things related to the magic in this world, instead of throwing out words like ‘thema’ and relating it to characters’ personalities and stuff. But oh well, it’s trinity seven. I’m not sure why I’ve written an entire paragraph about non-waifu related things….

The match between the headmaster guy and the blond twintail bad girl was pretty hilarious as well. Well I guess it’s not much of a fight scene since the headmaster guy was just standing around while the blondy did some stuff. 

What are you talking about??? He took his glasses off!

I’m sure Edy’s favorite waifu this week is the headmaster, but I’d like to talk about the others

Ayaneru’s character had a lot of scenes in these last two episodes, but uhhhhhhhh Trinity Seven’s action scenes suck ass so her likability has arguably gone down. That said she is voiced by Sakura Ayane, so she can’t be that unlikable.

Yui definitely became my favorite character in episode 5. She’s just completely dere to the guy. It’s a pretty generic push for characters to get popular but the way Yui act’s in a way that’s obviously intended to be as cute as possible (calling the guy “onii-chan,” hugging his arms the whole time, “you can do anything you want with me”) was sadly pretty nice. 

Pretty funny seeing her play the violin, I wonder if they will ever explain that beyond “it’s her healing magic, or something” 

Deres are pretty common in this show though, the blue hair is definitely dere as well. The ninja girl too arguably.

That’s all we have. Honestly the actions scenes are more serious and less stupid compared to the slice of life stuff so ironically there’s less stuff to talk about when they actually get in to the plot. 

Yeah, and they’re really shit so neither of us want to talk about them either.

Well, see you next time for episode 7 and maybe 8-12.

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