The two of us are watching Trinity Seven with a wager where the person who stops watching it first has to buy the other lunch.

Summary: Beach episodes. Anime girls. Titties. Nevermind back to the boring. Walking in blue musical sky after he gets knocked down. Go through some door, “Oh the white hair girl” “I’m going to disappear” (disappears) Look at the forehead! Bigger than the tities! How the fuck does he know to do shit. He controls shit. Gets rid of clothes. Back to the beach. Goes to bath to talk about their magic. Serious music and they are naked. 

Edy and I write the posts a while after we watch the show, and so often times I end up not remembering what the episode was about. But this time, I can remember the episode pretty well. This is because of how strange and confusing the opening scene was, with a random beach scene. I can remember quite well, where both of us were going “did we skip an episode by accident?”

After watching the entire episode, I still don’t really understand what was the point of starting with that scene. Maybe the writers thought that the show was feeling too serious?

Yeah it was a really strange starting opening scene. I think it was really used once later in the episode when the journalist, yellow hair girl went to see the guy’s newly discovered power and ended up getting naked. But I’m sure the purpose of it was to hook the readers at the start of the episode. I thought it was a filer beach episode seeing the first few seconds so I was joking about how excited I was. It ended up not actually being that much of a beach episode (though they did have a bath scene at the end) The funniest part about this was how, unlike other beach scenes, they emphasized on Lilith’s nipples. I don’t know if there anyone who’d think that was any attractive but I guess it’s funny. 

So the guy has awakened to some cool power or something where he makes people naked. Except the blondie voiced by Hikasa Yoko, because she’s strong or something. Do you have any particular thoughts on it? 

Not really. I mean it’s pretty bad. I’m sure this is gonna be that repetitive joke that happens every episode. It’s fine right now, but I’m sure I’ll get tired of it after a certain point. Though the sheer extent of how cliche and bad this joke is is what makes this joke hilariously funny. 

The most memorable part about the episode, other than trashy beach scenes, was getting our first sight of who I expect to be the best girl: Yui. You can tell that I like her since she is the only person I refer to by name. 

The big forehead girl, right?

I sort of agree that she may be the best girl, but that’s only because we’ve watched the episode after this one. But I do remember that while watching this episode, I just continued steering towards the idea that blue hair was best girl.

Yeah she doesn’t really get a lot of screen time in this one. The other prominent character interactions came from the onsen scene at the end, where they (though it ended up only being Lilith) were going around showing their power. Everyone wearing swimsuits was kind of disappointing. I thought they wouldn’t have some mythical smoke type of thing, but it is what it is. 

Wow you are so perverted!!

Though if there’s one thing that really shocked me about Trinity Seven it’s that it’s nowhere near as…. indecent(?) as I thought it would be. Look at a show like to love-ru and they give 0 fucks and just straight up show nudity. Given how shameless Trinity Seven seems to be, I was expecting similar. Not to say that I’m disappointed, or anything….

I don’t think we would have cared anyways since the girls in this show are nowhere as good as Momo. 

If you say that it sounds like if the girls were good we would have cared…

I’m tired, so I think this blog post is done!

Stay tuned and look forward to episode 4 which continues the onsen scene where we found out this episode that the guy is expectedly broken!

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