The two of us are watching Trinity Seven with a wager where the person who stops watching it first has to buy the other lunch.


Summary: Blue hair girl keeps staring at the guy. Tries to follow the guy’s washroom. Guy goes to his room. Meets 3 other girls. They get trapped by some spell. Girls need pee. They leave the trapped room since the magic book is stupid. Blue hair makes guy go crazy with some magic. 

Second episode of our favorite show, Trinity Seven! I can’t tell you how excited I was for us to finally watch the second episode. I wanna generally start with what happened in the episode. As you can tell from the summary, I don’t really care about what’s happening but I did see a lot of obvious ecchi moments that both Jun and I thought were missing from the first episode. What did you think of those parts Jun?

Yeah, we definitely got the fanservice that we ‘asked for’ in the last post. The developments throughout the episode were predictable as you’d expect from a show like this, but no one cares about that– the completely sudden ‘I need to pee!’ the moment was definitely unexpected, and the fanservice that came from it was not really my thing but I guess it was sort of funny…?

My favorite scene in the episode probably doesn’t exist this time. Because literally nothing happened that was pretty exciting. I guess the ending with the guy growing wings was pretty memorable but it’s not like it was anything good. I mean he was just yelling in pain with weird black wings growing. Though if you told me to choose a favorite line in the show, I think I’d say it’s the “this is pretty difficult” line by the blue hair. She said it in episode 1 when she was trying to time the ecchi embarrassed scream, and I was predicting that it would be like a catchphrase. Unsurprisingly it ended up being one. 

If I had to talk about a favorite scene in this episode, it would probably be when the ninja girl hypnotizes the news girl because she’s the only one that isn’t about to have her bladder explode. The lack of second thought and quick decision making from her was definitely funny.

Anyways, let’s get into the only important(? Is it important?) thing in this episode!


I thought I’d like the grimoire girl since she shows up in the OP and is voiced by Kugimiya Rie, and although I still do, the fact that she remains as a book for this entire episode doesn’t really get me excited over her. On the other hand, the blue hair girl is surprisingly forward and begins to call the MC her “husband” which was pretty nice. So my best girl candidate has transitioned from ninja to blue hair. (Forgive my laziness to remember these character’s names… I remember the red hair’s name is Lilith, at least…)

I also agree with Jun about the blue hair girl. While I did like Lilith the most in the first episode (best of the worst I guess you can say) a lot of the things in the episode that looked like normal from now on kind of killed my opinion about her. Most prominently the slaps from Lilith were not a great addition to her character, nor were they funny(though hopefully I get used to it and it becomes funny since it seems like something that would come out almost every episode). There are a lot of these awkward, funny moments in the show as well. Most notably, the headmaster’s appearance with his blood is completely random and not funny. Though I’d say the only funny moment was when the blue hair girl was switching into her magus mode. The fact that they kind of made it like some sailor moon estique transformation made me laugh especially with how serious they took it. Which is pretty ironic since the moments I find funny are the moments that aren’t intended to be funny. While the ones that are supposed to be funny seem so boring.

Yeah, I definitely agree that the ‘comedy’ moments are definitely the most boring. Though what’s funny in retrospect is that the headmaster’s boke being completely ignored by the characters on the scene at the time was the exact same reaction that Edy and I had, just complete silence of, “huh… okay.” 

It makes sense that these are the least enjoyable scenes though, especially in your case. Trinity Seven is a show that you and I enjoy as a, ‘so bad it’s good’ way, and so it only works when the show is (at least semi-seriously) trying to be cool/genuine in what it’s presenting and when making the audience laugh is an unintentional consequence. And so it’s easy to see why when Trinity Seven actually does try to make its audience laugh, it fails miserably.

We still haven’t really gotten to see the yellow hair and the black hair’s personalities much, though I was definitely shocked that the blonde was voiced by Hikasa Yoko, and in an adult, mature voice. Was expecting the opposite, though it’s not a bad surprise.

Anyway, I think that’s about it this episode. A sort of cliff hanger ending to this episode, though who gives a shit when we know nothing significant will occur besides being a step closer to a larger harem.

See you next time for episode 3!

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