Hidamari sketch journal is a watch along where the two of us watch the Hidamari Sketch series in chronological order on the actual dates that the episodes are supposed to be on. Today’s episode was on December 3rd, so we’re watching it today, on December 3rd!

Feel free to join us in this watch along by following the spreadsheet attached


Season 2 Episode 9 Part 2

Summary: This (half) episode was centered around Yuno’s group going to watch a short film that they were invited to by a former Yamabuki Student, Kishi. Being left in Awe after watching the film, Yuno and others think about what they want to do as we see them at their dinner table talking about different works that they did. Sae also receives a fan letter making Yuno’s respect for Sae grow.

Despite the short runtime of this half-episode, quite a lot of stuff happened. It’s what I think is quite special about Hidamari Sketch, where we as viewers only see glimpses of what happened during one day of these characters’ lives, but the emotions and highlights of the day are shown to us that it feels like we’ve experienced the day.

Yeah. And watching this matching the real time makes little things flow so much better. When I first watched the show I never really caught the love letter joke that Miyako made. But with the love letter episode being only a week or so ago, it makes sense that she is joking about that when she gets the letter. It really adds to the “experiencing the day”.

As always, my favorite part of this episode was the small cut featuring best girl, Yoshinoya-sensei. 

My favorite scene was the dinner table scene. Although it seems like there’s a dinner scene every single episode, I thought the conversation in this episode was a little more fun compared to other ones. 

First the food. We see classic Shaft, no money, style animation with real pictures of the food. According to Gotou Youko in the Hidamari Radio, the voice actress of Sae, most of the real life images are hand made and taken by the studio. So while I didn’t have much opinions on it before, I thought it was pretty interesting.

Other than that, we also see Miyako being Miyako, gobbling up all the food with her food reviews that are the greatest catharsis or the really smooth animation that Hiro did in her physics book. It was overall a very fun scene with lots of good moments.

“No money style,” haha

I definitely agree that it’s interesting, the first time that I watched Hidamari Sketch I never really thought of why some scenes incorporate real life photos into the animated art style, but at this point it feels like its part of the show’s identity and I think it adds a lot of personality to the show.

The chibi Hiro going around the food and introducing it like a TV program is also really adorable ^^

Another aesthetics thing that I wanted to note was the movie that they watched. Although we don’t really see too much of the movie, I wouldn’t really say that the colors in the movie were “beautiful” like Yuno was talking about. It was pretty much monotone with red colored in. I think this is the type of style that I bashed while watching Goblin Slayer or Asterisks War. I guess it was not as cliched when the show came out, but I definitely had a good laugh at it.

While watching this episode, when Sae finds the fanmail, Edy told me that it’s from Natsume. Apparently it’s revealed in Honeycomb, which is the single season that I didn’t watch. 

So thank you edy 🙂

Maybe that has to do with the thing with Natsume last episode, though I still don’t really understand, but hopefully I will when we watch the appropriate episode. 

My bad;; though I think it’s one of the problem with watching this chronologically from kind of the middle. Since we didn’t start at the very first chronological dates, we don’t really understand a few things that happen. Kishi’s invitation for example, had we not watched this show before, we would have had no clue who she was or what Yuno was doing in the theatre.

Yeah, maybe we should watch the beginning episodes as we go along just so that we can catch up. 

Well, we ended up talking about quite a lot of stuff despite the short runtime of this half-episode. Next episode is the S3 E3b! Looks like we are somehow luckily progressing through a season per episode. Anywayn, we’ll be watching it on the 10th of December, so look forward to that!

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