The two of us are watching Trinity Seven with a wager where the person who stops watching it first has to buy the other lunch.

Summary by Edy: Episode 1 of Trinity Seven was centered around Kasuga Arata. The world that he lived in got destroyed thanks to some catastrophe I can’t remember the name of, got some book from his dying sister, then opted to be a mage because he had a mage book. He also met some girls known as Trinity Seven and also saw their naked bodies. 


It’s the first episode and honestly I did not really enjoy this. I know Edy is the type that enjoys shows as ‘so bad it’s good’ but not only do I not really understand the appeal of that to continue watching a show beyond 5-10 minutes, but I think this show is somewhat self aware enough that it doesn’t approach hilariously bad-ishness while still being pretty boring.

Yep. I’ve definitely grown to enjoy these types of shows as a type of comedy. I’d like to think that this show is like Arifureta, Goblin Slayer, or other trash shows like this. I think it’s pretty hilarious. Though as Jun said, I hate the fact that it’s kind of self aware. It does the “haha I’m commenting on the anime tropes” and actually ends up being exactly such tropes. The opening scene immediately started with some groping scenes, we see a flustered girl being flustered, so on. Though I did find the part where the blue hair cool girl pretending to be scared was pretty funny. 

I will say that there wasn’t as much fanservice as I expected. The impression I had was that there would be at least 1 ecchi scene every minute, but that was not the case. I don’t know if it’s right to say this, but I think that would have at least been funnier than what episode 1 was at least. It’s not to love ru-level ecchi, but it’s still ecchi. I wonder what the appeal of the ecchi genre is in the first place.. Isn’t straight up porn better if you want to watch for ecchi elements? Maybe it’s a good subgenre next to a good story or something, but for Trinity Seven I’m not sure if that applies… (though if it’s ecchi elements along with very likable characters…. I guess I can understand that appeal. Maybe Trinity Seven will surprise me, who knows…)

But let’s get into the real topic, the reason why most people probably like this show in the first place..


We’ve seen 5 girls so far I think, the red hair, the blue hair, the other blue hair, and the brown hair and the yellow hair. We saw a glimpse of two other girls, but they don’t count since we haven’t even heard their voice(and there would be too many girls I don’t remember the names of).

In terms of first impression, I’ll say that Levi(brown hair ninja) had the best one, purely because of the voice actor. But the way she uses っス in her sentences isn’t really my thing, so I’d say for my it’s close between her and the grimoire girl since she’s pretty funny. 

(… am I really talking about the best waifu candidate in a blog post…? Hah…)

(well, 10 bucks is still 10 bucks.)

What do you think Edy?

I’d say my favorite character is the blue hair girl or the pink hair. Blue hair girl is pretty funny, as I said before with the pretending to be scared scene. But that was all that we really got out of her. The red hair is kind of cute. The way she gets all flustered at ecchi stuff that comes out in the show. But honestly, she’s just like a mundane type of ecchi flustered tsundere stereotype girl. I just think she’s better than any of the characters that were introduced. 

Great to see that even in a shitfest like Trinity Seven our differing tastes come out.

Anyways I am very excited for how the rest of the show is going to go. It wasn’t as bad as I expected or hoped for it to be. I mean overall, the show’s plot was fairly interesting. I just really hated how they moved so quickly without having us digest anything that happened in the episode. Especially considering the events that happened were the world disappearing, his relative dying, and him going to a mage school. So many things happened I can really remember most of the things that happened in the show. So I just ended up feeling more lost and bored than any other feelings about the show. Though I really do hope that this show gets worse later.

Oh I also want to talk briefly about the opening and the ending song. The opening song kind of feels like a trashy anime opening but I kind of like the ending song. There’s this weird electronic part in the beginning and I think it’s absolutely hilarious how it sounds. From what I see there are apparently 4 different ending songs presumably for different arcs, kind of like the monogatari series. So hopefully it keeps me going with the show.

Ah yes! The only reason why we know the show!

Edy and I kept getting the songs from this show on a game called “Anime Music Quiz.” It’s basically a quiz game where you hear a song for about 20 seconds and have to name the anime it’s from. 

Despite knowing the nature of the show, I sort of ended up genuinely enjoying some of the EDs which made me want to kill myself more than when I think back on conversations I’ve had in my bed. Plus the idea of getting Trinity Seven correct was pretty funny, so we decided to make a wager on who would drop this show first(or we complete it all…… come on Edy, it’s just 10 bucks….)

I agree with Edy that this episode’s opening song is not that nice, and I think the ending song was better but not something I’d go out of my way to listen to.  

Well, I think that’s enough for today. I am in trinity seven heaven now that I have finished writing this post and can distance myself from Trinity Seven for a while until the next episode.

Shabadava goodbye and stay tuned for episode 2!

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