With the second season of Kaguya-sama being back on air, the popularity of the show has once again shown itself, with various anime communities having consistent conversations about the show. Kaguya has gotten an immense amount of popularity, even in the western fandom, with over 250,000 users listing the first season on MAL, and the second season currently holding an incredibly high score of 8.75. It’s not common for a Rom-Com Slice of Life anime to be ranked so high, so what makes Kaguya-sama stand so far above other Rom-Coms?

Well for the most part, it’s basically two things. Comedy and Cute Girls. But it’s the great execution that the show carries out with these two elements that allow for such simple things to help the show achieve such great acclaim.

The premise of the show is pretty simple, two very noble, prestigious students are in love with each other, but they want the other to confess first. Sounds somewhat like a commonplace relationship, but here, these two are characters of high intellect, so we are often treated with “high-level conversations” where the others try to evaluate any small hint that they come across through small talk, and they try and make the other slip up into a confession.

This of course is simply ridiculous, but it’s this absurdness of the show that makes it so funny. Many of the best parts of this show(and the source material manga) is the frankly stupid situations that the main two find themselves in.

Combine this comedy with the somewhat large cast of genuinely interesting and mostly likeable side cast, and you have an excellent recipe for a success.

P.S. Kaguya is best girl, fight me.

2 thoughts on “What makes Kaguya-Sama Stand Above the Other Rom-Coms

  1. Kaguya-sama is hilarious! Rom-coms are kind of hit and miss for me, since I’m not that big into romance, but Kaguya just goes all in on the comedy. I love how they keep trying to play these elaborate head games with each other, only for them all to fail spectacularly every time. Chika is best girl ❤

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    1. Definitely! I’m also not much of a fan of romance shows either, but I found my self immensely enjoying Kaguya due to the nature of the show…

      That said, I must disagree with your entire comment, since Kaguya is undoubtedly the best girl (・ω<)☆

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