Should you watch House M.D.?

Recently, clips from House M.D. have begun popping up randomly on people’s feeds. They’re mostly clips of a sarcastic doctor, ridiculing his patients in a hilarious way. After watching a couple of clips online, you may be like me and started to wonder, “should I watch this show?”

In short: yes.

I definitely recommend anyone to watch this masterpiece of a show. 

House M.D. runs for 8 seasons, but you actually might be mislead on what the actually show is about. Yes, there are plenty of hilarious parts of House doing his clinic duty and making fun of random patients, but the majority of the episodes cover one specific patient case, who no apparent doctor can diagnose. So, similar to a detective trying to solve a murder mystery, House and his team solve medical cases. These are most definitely interesting, and although there tends to be plenty of medical jargon tossed around, the show still manages to maintain your interest, and you can tell what is happening narratively through music, acting and sneaky explanations that even a simpleton like you or I can understand.

One of the things that makes House really enjoyable is just the rawness and how casual everything feels. Yes, people get injured or hurt and there are dramatic reactions, but nothing feels too exaggerated or cheesy. I truly felt like I could appreciate this part of the show after watching Unnatural, a Japanese medical drama. There are similar moments between House M.D. and Unnatural, but what really stands out on the surface is just how much more cheesy Unnatural feels. Don’t get me wrong, Unnatural isn’t a bad show, in fact I’d recommend it to a lot of people. But House M.D. is just so much more enjoyable on a surface level. Take one part of Unnatural for example, where the heroine asks a question to another person. She wants to know if a woman has had sex with her husband before his death, but takes a long time beating around the bush before asking if they had “sexual intercourse”. House, on the other hand, would just straight up say “Did you bang your husband last night?” It’s not that House M.D. is more realistic per se, but it’s just more casual and overall more fun. 

But what makes House M.D. a 10 instead of an 8 is the drama that creeps up on you. Despite how episodic the series seems to be at first, after 20 episodes or so, things begin to change. And things constantly change, slowly but surely throughout the 8 seasons of the show. And the way the dramatic points of the show are done are seriously amazing. Trippy elements are never really present in the show, but when House M.D. gets serious, it really does do magic. Hallucinations, recollection of memories, emotions, they’re all spectacularly conveyed through the directing. I really can’t say much more about the character development and dramatic moments of the show, but trust me. If you find the first few episodes of the show enjoyable, then for my money, all 8 seasons are undoubtedly worth your time. 

Oh man, I can’t believe I got this far into this post without talking about House himself. I’m sure you can tell just from the quotes of this show I’ve put into this post so far, but he’s hilarious. He’s what makes this show so unique and fun. By any normal standard, House isn’t conventionally likable at all. He’s childish, and he’s also a huge ass, like many characters point out throughout the show. Yet he manages to be witty, charismatic, and I don’t think there’s any other character like him. David Shore, the director of House pointed out in an interview that he wanted to make someone unlikable likable, and I think he’s done that perfectly through House’s character.

So, should you watch House M.D.?

Yes. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes Yes! 10/10, and definitely one of my favorite TV shows of all time.

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