Should you Watch: House M.D.?

Should you watch House M.D.? Recently, clips from House M.D. have begun popping up randomly on people’s feeds. They’re mostly clips of a sarcastic doctor, ridiculing his patients in a hilarious way. After watching a couple of clips online, you may be like me and started to wonder, “should I watch this show?” In short:… Continue reading Should you Watch: House M.D.?

Kyokou Suiri Episode 1~3: Kotoko is this season’s best character

Kyokou Suiri turned out very similar to what I had hoped for. From being super natural triller to a fun witty comedy, the show was quite a joy for the first three episodes. Right off the bat, I can say that my favorite thing about this show is Iwanaga Kotoko. First, her character design is… Continue reading Kyokou Suiri Episode 1~3: Kotoko is this season’s best character

ID:Invaded Episode 1 and 2 – the most interesting show of the season

ID: Invaded started off with one of the most interesting scenes I have seen in awhile. As a person who had absolutely zero information what the show was about, the opening sequence of the show left me completely unknowing of the situation. Regardless of this disadvantage, the show was immediately able to hook me with the visuals.