Haikyuu!!: To the Top

Haikyuu has never failed to let their fans down in any of its seasons. It has always been consistently good at keeping the fans excited with its tension created by the story and animation. The fourth season takes place after a hard fought match against Shiratorizawa, where they will be now training for the nationals. Obviously many will be excited to see the continuation of one of the most popular sports anime ever made. However, one thing that worries me is that change in director for this show. With the show getting a new director it’s possible that a show takes a slightly different approach. However, as the new director worked on previous Haikyuu seasons and as the PV shows that the show will have identical animations, the possibility of error seems slim. Because I don’t read the messiness that is the manga, I don’t know what’s going to happen. However, looking at the preview alone, they are in a training camp of some sort where Kageyama has been selected as a national representative. The competition between Kageyama and Hinata was already an interesting aspect in the show, so I’m excited to see how they handle that with Kageyama looking as though he is a few steps ahead. Overall, this show will definitely be a must watch for the fans of the original. 

5-toubun no Hanayome 2nd season

Last year, 5-toubun no Hanayome gather huge attention with its interesting aspect of “guessing the bride” concept. The biggest topic of that season was most definitely, “who is the better quint.” With every chapters of the manga recently gaining extreme amount of popularity, the show definitely seems as though many will be talking about it. However, with art that still doesn’t look good, if the animation failures like last year continues to occur this season, it will most likely be hard to watch the show. With even the fans of the original manga being doubtful of the anime’s capabilities, I advise you to just read the manga if you plan on watching and haven’t already. 

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T

This show is a sequel of the spin off series from the Index franchise. As a person who is not the biggest fan of the Index franchise, I still have not watched this spin off series. However, seeing it being a 2-cour show, it probably has a lot of care put in to it from the studio in charge. 

Magia Record

The spin off of the Madoka series, based on the game Magia Record will surely garner fans of the original hit-series, Madoka. The show has an almost identical character design compared to the original and a stacked cast which shows that shaft is confident in the success of the show. However, there are some worrisome factors with the show. For example, the director is new and Urobuchi Gen is no longer a part of the writing crew. However, it being shaft, there is a possibility that they pull of the show well. To read a more extensive preview of the show click here

Isekai Quartet 2nd Season

With shield hero being added to the crew, Isekai Quartet is going to be more crazier than the first season. As the perfect way to spend a few empty 10 minutes, Isekai Quartet had many funny jokes that highlighted the traits of each show. There were, however, some jokes that many expected that didn’t appear in the first season. For example, the voice actor reference with Takahashi Rie was one that almost everyone expected as Megumin and Emilia are both voice by her. I’m not surprised this show got a new season at all since the first season was popular and the show looks rather cheaper to make. Honestly, with the show being centered around characters and character interactions of already established characters, I don’t see how they show will be any worse or better than the first season unless they run out of ideas to make jokes with (which is probably why they added shield hero.)

Heya Camp△

Heya Camp, the spin off to the comfiest show on Earth, Yuru-Camp, is another show to watch out for this season. Yuru-camp was extremely popular due to its unique chill atmosphere and its fun character interactions with fun characters. If those were some of the factors that you enjoyed in Yuru-camp, you will most likely enjoy this show as well as long as something goes wrong. To clarify, Heya Camp isn’t the second season of the show but the spin off to the show. Based on the title, the show will most likely be a series of shorts that is centered around the activities of the club members within the club room and school. However, the show has completely different directors from the first season, even though the studio that is in charge is the same. Many times shorts that are spin offs usually do not get the amount of care and budget that goes into the main title. With other OVAs of the series being rather satisfactory, I have high hopes that this show will follow as well. As a fan of the original show, I will most definitely watch this show to see the new interactions between the characters I love.

BanG Dream Season 3

I don’t know who still watches this show, but the CG looks really really bad. I doubt anyone would even be watching this show unless they are a huge fan of the game already.

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